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Curved Panel Night Light

Our Curved Panel Night Lights are our most popular item. The porcelain panel is gently curved, which allows it to wrap around the bulb so the bulb is not as visible from the side, as it is with the flat night light. The curvature also illuminates the panel more evenly across its width.
Mounted on a durable night light socket with on-off rocker switch, our night lights are known for lasting many years. Energy efficient, (they use only 7 watts of power) they safely and effectively light up a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or hallway at night. The soothing warm light they emit creates a peaceful and ethereal ambiance that is truly magical! With a collection of over 150 images to choose from, you are sure to find many that you or your loved ones will cherish! The non-porous porcelain is easily cleanable, and will never fade or discolor. The 120V 7W C-7 type bulb is included, and they are nicely boxed with the history of the art of lithophanes included.

Our night lights make the perfect gift: everyone has an electrical socket to plug it into, they are reasonably priced, handmade in the USA, energy efficient,  we have over 150 styles to suite any taste, and they are practical as well as beautiful!

COLORED NIGHT LIGHTS: We further enhance select designs with color, by applying ceramic pigments, known as "underglaze",  onto the back of the porcelain. We then kiln-fire the piece again to fuse the color permanently to the porcelain. The delicate colors combine with the shading of the porcelain to produce a stunning 3 dimensional effect. To see the colored lithophanes, click here.

OPTIONS: We offer two different plug options, aside from the standard night light plug. We also offer 360 degree rotating night light bases, as well as photo cell (automatic on-off ) bases. You can also order long lasting and even more energy efficient LED bulbs with your night lights. To learn more about these, click here.

Overall Dimensions:
Vertical Night Lights: approx.  5"h x 3 1/2"w (to see example, click here)
Horizontal Night Lights: approx. 5 1/2"w x 3 1/2"h  (to see example, click here)
Square Night Lights 4 1/2"h x 4"w (to see example, click here)
For your convenience, we have arranged the Night Lights by design themes, or "categories". Please browse the categories in the column on the left or below, and click on the category to see the night lights.

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