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he Porcelain Garden was created in 1982 when  Liesa Smith and I  merged our creative talents.

Our first creations were functional household ceramics, with sculpted flower decorations; hence the name  The Porcelain Garden. During the early 1980s, we started carving in translucent porcelain, and enjoyed the direction that our work was taking us.

Then, one day we were introduced to Lithophanes by a collector. We had never seen such amazing work done in porcelain before!  We recognized that this wonderful art form had nearly disappeared, and only a few people were still familiar with it. We recognized the potential appeal that these beautiful artworks had, so we set out to reintroduce Lithophanes to the world; and that we did! We originated the concept of Lithophanes as nightlights, at a time when few artists were making tasteful and artistic nightlights. Nightlights are still to this day the most popular form of our Lithophanes.

After Mrs. Smith’s departure, I continued refining and developing my skills in designing and creating what are now recognized as the finest and most intricately detailed Lithophanes in the United States. I pioneered the technique of coloring lithophanes from the back side. I then broadened the reach and style of Lithophanes from the original Victorian era images, to more modern images to appeal to today's tastes. I hope to continue expanding the scope and reach of our lithophanes, and welcome your input and comments.

Of course, any studio is only as good as the people working for it.  My talented, dedicated, and devoted team are the key to our success and longevity, and I am deeply indebted to them. My production manager, Robert Buhler, has been with me for over 25 years. His many skills keep our operation running smoothly and seamlessly.

His brother, Ryan Buhler, has been sharing his talents with the company for nearly the same length of time. His wide ranging abilities have a great impact on the quality of our product.

In charge of casting the delicate porcelain panels is Daniel Castro; he has been with us over 18 years. His casting ability is a highly refined skill, which takes years to master.

Overseeing the shipping of orders to our galleries and fine gift stores is Anibal Hermosillo, who has been with us over 15 years. He takes great pains to insure that you always get the right product as quickly as possible.

I do all of the design work, original engravings, master mold work, and am personally involved in every aspect of our studio. Our long-term commitment to supplying the highest quality porcelain lighting possible has resulted in an enormously loyal following and notable respect in the American Handcrafts Community. There are many galleries and fine gifts stores that have been selling our work for over 20 years; a testimonial to the timelessness of this beautiful product. We strive to provide an excellent level of customer service for one of the most unique products in the world. We look back on the last 30 years in business, and can't help but think how exciting the next 30 years will be!
Thank you for your support!

Marty Kubicki
The Porcelain Garden, Inc.

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