Silhouette Candle Cups

A thin layer of opaque black porcelain is cast on top of white translucent porcelain. Then, the artist carefully etches the black away in select areas, revealing the white porcelain underneath, creating a high contrast 3-dimensional pattern.
This candle holder is designed for use with either a standard tea light candle, or an LED type candle. (The candle is not included). As candle light is soft and delicate, the lighting is softer than our nightlights, but beautiful in a dark room. Even when not lit, the contrast between the black and white porcelain is lovely.
Due to changes in our porcelain clay formula, and also due to changes from the pandemic, the Silhouette Porcelain line is no longer in production. The remaining pieces that we have are all that there is. I hate to see them go, but it's unavoidable. Please get them while you can!