Luminaire Lamp Replacement Panel


Each of our Luminaire Lamps has two different panels, a left and a right panel as shown in the lamp above, and as separate panels below. On most of the lamps the two panels combine into one scene, with the image flowing from across the two panels. Those same two panels are then repeated on the back (opposite) side of the lamp for a total of 4 panels. If you need a replacement panel, it will be one of the pieces shown below. The panels are approx 5 1/4" x 11 1/4".

To replace a panel, lay the lamp on it’s side onto a flat surface, with the damaged side facing down. You will notice two metal tabs on the bottom of the lamp that are bent upwards, holding the panel in place. Bend those two tabs down and away from the porcelain, as flat as you can. Remove any remaining porcelain pieces, being mindful of the sharp edges! Slide the replacement panel into place, and bend the tabs back up. That’s it!