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2 1/4"H x 7/8" W x 7/8" D
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Double "filament" type LED light bulb. This bulb only uses 1.2 watt; 1/5th the power of a conventional incandescent bulb. Rated at 15,000 hours life, it wil also last 10 times longer. This bulb is rated with a light output of 75 lumens, so it is considerably brighter than a 7 watt incandescent bulb; almost double the brightness. If you need a very bright night light, this is your bulb! These bulbs also run much cooler to the touch than incadescent bulbs. We special ordered them in a warm white color, so they don't have that harsh blue or green tint that many LED's have. They give a very natural looking light, to enhace the peaceful and serene beauty of our night lights.

PLEASE NOTE: These do not work well with the Photo sensor automatic night light plug; they work best with a conventional on-off switch plug. BUt since they use such a tiny amount of power and run so cool, you can safely leave them on all the time, giving your room a nice ambiance even during the day