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Lithophane Night Lights And Lamps

Lithophanes are the amazing 3 dimensional porcelain transparencies that we are renown for. As light shines through the varying depths of the etched porcelain panels, they come alive with remarkably detailed images. We create them by first engraving the image in a translucent wax, illuminated from behind. We then make a plaster mold of that carving. We then hand cast the thin porcelain panels from that mold, then kiln fire them to 2300 degrees to achieve their translucency. It took us many years to perfect this technique, and our lithophanes are considered some of the finest detailed images ever made!
Our lithophanes are available in several formats; as Flat Panel and Curved Panel Night Lights, the ornately detailed Victorian Stand accent lamp, the lovely Mission Table Lamp, the elegant Contemporary Lamp, and our most popular accent light, the Luminaire Lamp.

You may also buy replacement porcelain panels and replacement parts for most of our lithophane night lights and lamps.

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