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2"H x 1" W x 3" D
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This is an upgrade from the standard fixed position night light plug. It's available here only when you order the complete night light, in which case we will substitute the standard plug with this fixture.  If you wish to purchase this plug on its own, please click here.  ROTATING PLUG FIXTURE- Please read: Our standard plug is meant for electrical outlets that are installed vertically, (approx 95% of homes in the US) with one plug above the other, with the round ground pin below the two blade holes like this: In some homes, the electrical outlet is installed sideways like this one: ...or upside down like this one: In either of these two cases, the standard plug won't display your night light properly; you will need this Rotating Plug. The plug part spins 360 degrees, so no matter which way the outlet is oriented, the night light image will still be upright.