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2"H x 1" W x 2" D
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This is an upgraded plug fixture from our standard "on-off" switch night light plug for the lithophane night lights. We will substitute the photo cell for the regular plug. This upgrade is only for if you are ordering a complete night light. If you wish to purchase one on its own, click here.

This plug has a light sensitive "eye", that automatically turns it on when it gets dark, and turns it off when the room gets lights. There is no over-ride, the night light will be on when its dark and off when light. If you want to be able to control whether it is on or off, I suggest you stay with the standard on-off switch plug. But this one is a great convenience for those who don't want to be bothereed with turning it on and off.

Please note that this plug works best with an incandescent bulb; it does not work well with some LED's, including the LED we sell here on our site.