Night Light comes complete with on-off toggle switch, 120V 7W incandescent bulb, and nicely gift boxed.

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5.25" H. x 3.5" W x 2.25" D
Photo-sensor plug upgrade $3.00: Turns itself on when it gets dark, and off when it gets light. For info click here: PLUG PH UP
Rotating plug upgrade $3.00: Plug rotates 360 to allow use in outlets that are upside down or sideways. For info click here: PLUG RO UP
LED bulb upgrade $3.00: Filament type LED in warm white color, 15,000 hour bulb. For info, click here: LED UP
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Candace was one of our very first Lithophanes, made from about 1985-1990. She is a direct reproduction from an original German Lithophane from themid 1800's. A lovely sensual image from a romantic era. We have a very limited supply of these, as they have not been in production for years, but we found some stored away during our "covid cleaning".

Avalable as flat panel night light only.

A very special piece at a very special price.